Simon Jodet

Developer and software architect - 38 years old
Bordeaux, France — +33 659 089 259

Technical skills

  • JavaScript, ES 5 & 6 (expert) / VueJS 2.x (expert) / NodeJS (expert) / AngularJS 1.x (expert) / Angular (average)
  • CSS, LESS, SCSS (expert)
  • Ionic framework (average)
  • Content Management Systems: Git (expert)
  • AWS services (average), Docker (expert)
  • PHP (expert), Java (average), .Net (VB and C#, beginner)
  • Packaging and automation systems: Webpack, Bower, NPM, Maven, Composer, Grunt
  • Testing: mocha (expert), karma (expert)
  • Various proprietary and public (Twitter, Facebook, Amazon S3), RESTful or SOAP, HTTP-based APIs
  • High availability and high performance web infrastructures with knowledge of Apache 2 and Nginx (server and reverse-proxy setups)
  • Cloud-based API application setup (NodeJS on AWS)
  • Experience with various databases systems (RDBMS and No-SQL): MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Adobe Photoshop: average knowledge for photography work and web integration
  • Expert on Mac OS, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions)


Senior Software Engineer, (Le transport connecté) – Since September 2019

Mission: Develop several web interfaces (management and widgets)

  • Create several UIs for transport companies and partners such as order manager or widgets to be included in partners' websites.
    • Create a dozen of UIs
    • Create a mobile app (Android and iOS) using the ionic framework.
  • Work on a long term project for SNCF (French national railroad company)
  • Put in place the infrastructure for this project (Docker, Gitlab, Portainer, Nginx Proxy Manager)

Senior Software Engineer, Stoic (Next generation spreadsheet) – 2017-June 2019

Assignment: Maintain and develop the web interface of the product with a priority on quality, performance and scalability

  • Mainly worked on the complete rewrite of the UI and services using ES6, VueJS 2 and Vuetify
    • Worked on the custom components library (dialogs, information bars, pickers, etc.)
    • Rewrote the chart editor (data visualization configurator using Vega-Lite)
    • Worked the table editor, specifically the column charts
    • Worked on backend services for the chart editor
    • All code was validated using a mix of end-to-end (karma) and unit testing (mocha)
  • Work on the legacy web UI using AngularJS 1.x
  • Implement data export to XLSX format

Senior Software Engineer, AT Internet (Web Analytics) – 2015-2016

Assignment: Maintain and develop the web interfaces of the company

  • Maintain the legacy web UI based on AngularJS and custom JS framework
  • Port parts of .net API to NodeJS and migrate it to AWS
  • Work with D3.js on data visualization
  • Train teams on Git, Bower, unit testing and good practices (code linting, etc.)

Senior Software Engineer, Ezakus (Ad targeting) – 2013-2015

Assignment: Maintain and develop the web interfaces of the company

  • Maintain the legacy jQuery-based web UI
  • Create a new web UI on more modern technologies such as AngularJS and D3.js. This UI displays statistics, charts, maps and allows to create audience segments with drag-and-drop
  • Work on the API (J2EE/Glassfish/PostgreSQL) used by the web UIs
  • Setup automation and deployment tools based on yeoman, npm and Grunt
  • Setup development environment images for Vagrant with Packer

Senior Domain Architect, F-Secure (Security, Online backup) – 2011-2012

Assignment: Coordinate the migration project of the online backup product to a new one

  • Managing the technical aspects of the project (architecture) and participate in the Project Steering Group meetings
  • Work using the Agile/Scrum methodology and help creating the project’s backlog
  • Define the technical dependencies between all the components of the solution and choose the best performing and most secured solution

Assignment: Coaching

  • Train developers and quality engineers to the use of Git
  • Introduce the teams to the best practices (« DRY, KISS, YAGNI »)

Domain Architect, Web, F-Secure (Security, Online backup) – 2009-2011

Assignment: Define the architecture of the new web interface of the online backup solution

  • Define the architecture of the web portal, based on the ExtJS framework, communicating through HTTP APIs
  • Put in place the development process of the product between 3 teams, two of which are foreign subcontractors

Assignment: Define the REST API of the new online file storage backend

  • Working with several architects, write the REST API specifications

Assignment: Consulting on integration projects for clients such as Orange or AT&T

  • Work with the project manager to help integrate the products into the clients’ ecosystems

Web developer, Agematis/Steek (Online backup) – 2006-2009

Assignment: Develop the standard web interface for the integration teams

  • Manage the solution’s web portal development with the help of foreign subcontractors, validate the deliveries and maintain the in-house MVC framework

Junior web developer, Faculté des Sciences Bordeaux I – 2003-2005

Assignment: Integrate college courses to put them online


BTS TSCODEM — 07/2005
Brevet de Technicien Supérieur COncepteur DEveloppeur Multimédia. 2-years degree. Major in Web technologies development and graphic design
Baccalauréat S spécialité SVT — 07/2000
A-Level – major in Mathematics, biology and geology

  • Java training at AFIP: Java/J2EE - Tomcat, Struts, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, Swing
  • TDD training by J. B. Rainsberger
  • ExtJS training by Jay Garcia

Languages: French (native), English (fluently written and spoken)

Other information

  • French driving license, personal car
  •, @sjodet, Github, LinkedIn and the rest
  • Hobbies: Mac and new technologies enthusiast (aka “basic geek”), video games, guitar, novels, manga and comics reading